Meet Mike Villers – Youngest AMSOIL Direct Jobber by Edie & Jim Villers

Reprinted from AMSOIL Pipeline June 1977.


Ever wonder how people become Direct Jobbers in their 60’s or 40’s-would you believe a 20 year old?

How about starting on a pedal Bicycle?

“Anything’s possible if you want something bad enough,” says Mike Villers. who invested $400.00 into his own choice of transportation called a bicycle and lightweight camp gear. “It’s all I could afford, in fact I put that on a charge account. Figured I could talk to people and distribute a lot of literature this way. I didn’t eat much, slept outside and said 100 thank you’s to gas station operators who let me wash up, shave etc.”

According to Mike’s parents, Edie and Jim Villers, Direct Jobbers from Racine, Wisconsin, that’s really not the beginning. According to Jim, the start of this success story was actually the end of another beginning. “While working at Racine Steel, Mike decided there were too many 3 generation families, not counting Uncles, Cousins, Aunts and Nephews working at Racine Steel. Mike feared the trap play and decided to get out while the getting was good. Mike decided there had to be something better and asked about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer.”

That question, according to Edie was the beginning of Mike’s future. We encouraged him by simply saying-Why Not? On that night the Villers Enterprise Whynot Club was born.

When freezing temperatures forced Mike’s transportation into storage, he adopted the world’s least expensive transportation system-he put on his back pack and begin hitching rides. He always seemed to “just happen to have” some extra literature, a lot of knowledge, concern for the energy situation and ample enthusiasm for AMSOIL.

Sales picked up and deliveries were made by “sweet talking” Mama Edie, out of her car. Translated, this means, he simply grabbed the car keys before she had her second cup of coffee.

On his way to qualifying as a Direct Dealer in November 1976 — Mike attended several meetings sponsored by AMSOIL, visited with Direct Jobbers in Minneapolis, and looked upon his Dad’s long extemporaneous speeches as a cafeteria.

Mike bought his own ’76 Subaru Wagon. Now he was really the Master of his own Destiny. He had his own wheels and a new kind of independence. “No more excuses,” he told himself, as he proceeded to qualify in December, his second month.

In January, he qualified as a Direct jobber and the first to break off the Villers line. “What a way to become independent, says Mike. After following up leads from the Chicago Auto Show, to be visited by 1,000,000 people in a ten day period. Mike says “I’m off to California, where my blood will maintain a stable viscosity and so will my attitude.”

Ask Mike what he thinks about being in business for himself.

You’d better be prepared for 3-4 hours of conversation. According to his folks-it will take him this long to tell you how much he’s learned about people, the Free Enterprise System, and, the fact that America still offers the opportunity to fall down and still get up-to change careers-even get run off the road into a ditch on your home away from home, called a Bicycle.

Mike’s Dad recounts, “we believed Mike could be success at the age of 21, when only a few years ago, a young person wasn’t even a legal adult ’till that age. However, we’ve changed our minds, because Mike’s behavior and attitude proved to us he became of age a long time ago, possibly when he decided to leave the steel business and strike out on his own.”

Mike now has at least 30 dealers in his group, LOOK OUT CALIFORNIA!

If you ask Mike he will probably tell you-the AMSOIL Opportunity will put him one step closer to the new Energy Sources-Space Travel-and pyramid Power. Maybe it’s not all Buck Rogers stuff. Jules Verne is probably rolling over in his cloud shouting, “They’ve finally gotten it together. We got to Amatuzio, and he’s revolutionized the lubrication industry, for at least one small part of Planet Earth.”

Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Ask Mike Villers sometime, he’s got some ideas.

Mike decided to continue his career path in the corporate world. He continued his Senior level Sales and Marketing journey through the following: solar energy, telecommunications, safety and regulatory and information technology consulting industries.

Over the years Mike continued to work with Villers Enterprise’s family business. He continued to develop leads for Jim and Edie for new business, attended trade shows, meetings and racing events.