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Our 38 years experience working with a variety of Preferred AMSOIL Customers, AMSOIL Dealers, AMSOIL Jobbers, Racing Legends from Bobby Unser-Three time Indy 500 winner, AL Unser Jr. to Burt Rutan, Experimental Aircraft Designer,
Industries, and Retailers.


Villers Enterprises was founded in 1975.

Villers Enterprises originally began with Jim and Edie Villers along with their son Mike. Edie performed the administrative duties with bookkeeping while Jim and Mike focused on developing new sales, new AMSOIL dealers, attending race events like the Milwaukee Mile, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Road America Race Track, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, attending trade shows of all kinds and breaking ground into regional trade shows like the Chicago Auto Show which at the time was billed as the third largest in the world.

This major auto show was the first show of its type where AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants was introduced to the world.

In 1977, Jim Villers dedicated himself full time to Villers Enterprises and AMSOIL. Villers Enterprises quickly became one of the top ten AMSOIL Direct Jobbers in the United States. Jim and Edie established themselves as pioneers in AMSOIL Business Development, Selling, Marketing, Training, and Technical Support. Jim Villers also served on the AMSOIL Direct Jobber advisory board.

In 1990, Jim Villers was diagnosed with lung cancer. Jim and Edie continued to maintain their business through supporting their dealers though the telephone and mail. Jim’s physical activity became very limited. He was on oxygen for 7 years. Jim kept an excellent attitude about his fate and continued to support any way he could. Edie was the glue through out these years. She kept the business going after Jim passed away in 1997. Edie continued to run the business, answering phone calls, ordering products for dealers, answering questions about the business opportunity and how to administer the AMSOIL Business. After awhile Edie needed help.

In 1999, Mike helped Edie in the business for over 2.5 years. He assisted Edie with the day to day business with writing newsletters, creating and mailing surveys to dealers, establishing, creating and publishing a web site. Mike also signed up new AMSOIL Preferred accounts and began to reestablish relationships with their AMSOIL dealers. Mike also attended meetings on Edie’s behalf and visited SC Johnson a long established AMSOIL commercial account of Villers Enterprises.

In 2002, Edie Villers moved from Wisconsin to Southern California to live with her daughter. She still goes to the national AMSOIL conventions and writes a newsletter to the dealers throughout the United States.

Edie passed away on April 29, 2012. She left us with many fond memories, possibility thinking, humor and dedication to the AMSOIL opportunity and business. She will be missed along with my dad, Jim Villers.

We would like everyone of our dealers, jobbers, preferred customers, retailers, commercial accounts and AMSOIL Corporate to know that throughout the years we thank you, are grateful and appreciate your business and dedication to AMSOIL.

We look forward to continue working with our dealers, jobbers and customers. I am hoping we can meet in person or by phone some day soon.

Let’s work together in helping you build your future AMSOIL businesses while sharing this unique opportunity and the best in class synthetic lubricants in the world to our customers.

My contact info is 262.746.2095 or email me at mike@e-villers.com.

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You can reach Mike at 1.262.746-2095 or email mike@e-villers.com.