AMSOIL Return on Investment


AMSOIL Saves You Money!

AMSOIL extended drain intervals mean fewer oil changes, long term savings and convenience.

Conventional motor oil companies recommend 3,000-mile drain intervals

Conventional 10W-30 Motor Oil
*(40 quarts needed for 25,000 miles)
@ $1.50/qt. x 40 = $60.00
8 Standard Oil Filters @ $5.00 per filter x 8 = $40.00
TOTAL $100.00

AMSOIL recommends 25,000-mile/1-year drain intervals

AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
*(5 quarts needed for 25,000 miles)
@ $6.75/qt. x 5 = $33.75
1 AMSOIL EaO Filter @ $15.10 per filter x 1 = $15.10
TOTAL $48.85

* Comparison based on 25,000 miles driven per year and 5-quart oil capacity, with one quart top-off for filter change.

You save $51.15 per year using AMSOIL premium quality synthetic motor oil and oil filters. And at Preferred Customer prices, you save even more.

Even if you drive only 12,000 miles per year, the cost for AMSOIL is the same as you pay for petroleum oil now! But you still get better protection, lower engine temperatures, easier cold-weather starts and less engine wear. All of these benefits add up to an engine that will last longer and need fewer repairs. Change your oil and filter today and in six months change the filter again. That’s it! What could be more convenient and good for your vehicle, too?

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